Preconception Health

What is the preconception period?

Optimizing egg and sperm quality, overall health, pregnancy health, and reducing the risk of maternal and neonatal outcomes starts in the preconception period: The three to four months leading up to an egg fertilizing and the resulting embryo implanting.

There are many factors that during this time influence conception, pregnancy, and maternal and neonatal outcomes including: diet and micronutrient supplementation, physical activity, body composition, smoking, drug and alcohol use, toxin exposure, mental health, oral hygiene, and chronic health conditions.

What we do at Conceive Health:

Good preconception care benefits the health of the parent(s) while trying to conceive, during pregnancy, and also the health of baby in utero and later in life. Preconception care is about reducing health risks and improving reproductive health outcomes.

Optimizing Egg and Sperm Quality

Eggs and sperm take about 100 days to develop. During this time they are both vulnerable to poor nutrition, as well as environmental and social toxins, and underlying conditions. Egg and sperm quality can be affected by multiple factors. Changes in lifestyle and using targeting supplementation can help improve these, including: 

Hormonal imbalances

Environmental exposures

Chromosomal abnormalities

Autoimmune disease

Nutritional deficiencies

Antioxidant status

Mitochondrial function

As a fertility-focused naturopath, Dr. Zadek helps individuals and couples become pregnant, prevent miscarriage and have healthier pregnancies. The fertility process can be overwhelming, and even exhausting. You want to try to do all the “right things” and to do so, you need to know your fertility blind spots.
That’s where naturopathic preconception healthcare comes in.

Conditions Treated

There are multiple conditions that can affect hormone regulation, the ability to conceive, and pregnancy retention. The conditions we treat include (but are not limited to):



Thyroid disorders

Insulin resistance

IUI/IVF preparation

Unexplained Infertility/Sub-fertility

Natural Fertility Support (whether for now, or in your future)

Acupuncture Support

Acupuncture is beneficial during the entire reproductive cycle including the preconception period, during an IUI cycle, for implantation support, and during the two week wait. Benefits of acupuncture include:

Improving blood flow to the uterus

Improves responses to medicated cycles

Decreases stress hormone production

Treats PMS, amenorrhea, endometriosis, PCOS, and irregular cycles

Supports fetal health during the first trimester

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